Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most common questions regarding auto glass service and replacement.

Generally, it takes roughly an hour to an hour and half to replace the windshield on most vehicles, to ensure the job is done right.

Depending on the severity of the break, most windshield repairs take approximately 30 minutes or less.

Yes and no.  Typically, most rock chips can be repaired, however, there are certain instances in which they cannot.  For more information regarding rock chips and what can and cannot be repaired, click here.

Yes.  It is typical that a small mark remains after a successful repair.  The severity of the break will dictate the visibility of this mark.

You can reschedule your appointment by contacting us directly at 540-693-1987, or emailing us at

Yes, you certainly can.  We have a key drop available for you to do just that.

Yes, we will install your state inspection decal on your new windshield. 

We will also do our best to install your other decals on your new windshield.  Bear in mind that the Virginia inspection sticker is of a higher quality, and therefore is easier to remove and replace.  If there are issues installing your other decals, we’ll bring this to your attention. 

Our technicians do everything possible to prevent any damage during the windshield replacement process.

They will thoroughly examine the vehicle to identify any pre-existing issues prior to starting their work, and will bring any abnormalities to your attention.

During the replacement process, our technicians will remove your rear view mirror, and reattach it to your replacement windshield.

We use professional quality adhesives to do so, ensuring that the mirror is properly attached to the new glass.

Yes, our technician will contact you to provide an update on their arrival.

Yes, our technicians will need your vehicle’s keys to perform windshield repairs or replacement.