Windshield Repair

Heard the sound while driving, and knew instantly your windshield was hit by a rock?  If you’re lucky, the glass is only scuffed, with a small spot that can be wiped off.  Unfortunately, this usually isn’t the case, and the end result is a break in the glass itself.  

ASAP Auto Glass provides windshield repair services that not only make these rock chips less visible, but also to help reseal the break in the glass to prevent spreading.  

Repairs are made either at our facility, or can be scheduled for a mobile appointment.  Due to the nature of the work to be performed, mobile repairs will be subject to weather conditions.  

Don't Live With It

Help Prevent That Chip From Spreading

Not only are those marks on your windshield unsightly, they can easily spread, resulting in bigger issues.  This is especially common when the glass is quickly cooled or heated, such as when the passenger compartment air conditioner is turned on or the vehicle’s defroster is in use.

ASAP Auto Glass technicians utilize the latest tools and techniques to help seal those breaks in your glass, which can help prevent further damage.


When Repairs Can Be Made

Certain chips in your windshield physically cannot be repaired, or it is suggested that a repair attempt not be made.  Typical circumstances in which we would advise not to attempt a repair, and perhaps consider windshield replacement, are:

What We Do


Decades of Experience Repairing Rock Chips

ASAP Auto Glass technicians have decades of experience fixing rock chips in windshields.

Typically, our team does the following when making the repair:

Keep in Mind

That rock chip in your windshield technically means the glass is broken.  Despite having experience in repairing scores of chips, there is no guarantee that the chip will not spread during the repair, nor after.  

Using the best materials and techniques, however, helps prevent this from happening.  Your technician will explain this further and show you in person during the repair session.

Despite common misconception, the rock chip (or break, that is), will not “disappear” from your windshield.  Our technicians take the steps necessary to ensure as smooth and blemish-free finish as possible, but a small mark may remain.  Despite this, rest assured that the damage has been sealed.

Get answers to common questions regarding windshield repair here.

Ready To Schedule a Repair?

We Can Process Through Your Insurance

Have the Repair Performed at No Out-of-Pocket Expense to You

Many auto insurance policies have glass provisions that cover repair services, usually without any sort of deductible.  This means that the repairs we perform do not cost you anything, as it is billed through your insurance provider.  

We are asked frequently if this impacts their rates, as another form of claim would, and the answer is typically no.  Insurance providers generally would rather cover the cost of repairing a windshield as opposed to having the expense of replacing one.


Need an Easier Solution for Your Fleet?

Business owner?  Fleet manager?  Both?  ASAP Auto Glass has options for you to get your company’s vehicles back to where they belong, on the road, faster.